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How to extract multiple sets of fields from one sourcetype


I'm currently forwarding data from a pfSense Firewall in our Splunk Light instance. This works pretty well and I defined a source type for this syslog instance. In the first place, I only forwarded the firewall logs and extracted the fields by "," as a separator which works pretty well for TCP and UDP log types. But when it comes to ICMP for example the field separation does not match. This is of course correct but is there a way to define more than one set of fields to be extracted from one source type?

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Technically, you can have mulitple EXTRACT directives in your props pointing to corresponding stanzas in transforms. However, the risk, in your example, is if ICMP logs have a comma in the data, it will be extracted into a field. Your better option would be to keep all the data in the same index but separate sourcetypes (TCP, UDP, ICMP). This will give your more flexibility.

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