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How to edit my search to detect a significant change in events frequency over a sliding window?

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Based on an event log we would like to find event type which frequency changed by 50% or more over a 5 min window.

Using my limited Splunk knowledge and heavy Googling, I came up with something like this:

index=index_of_events | eval cnt=1 | timechart span=20s limit=40 per_second(cnt) as ev  by ev_typeuseother=f usenull=f |
streamstats window=40 global=false first(ev) as start last(ev) as end by ev_type | 
eval diff=abs(start-end) | eval max_val=max(start, end) | 
where diff > 0 AND max > 0 | eval prc=100*diff/max_val | where prc > 50

I'm getting reasonable output after streamstats, but then I'm losing the data.

Was it OK to pipe timechart directly into streamstats? Did I need untable (or something) in between?

How do I get it right?

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See if this gets you what you're looking for

index=index_of_events | bin span=5m _time | stats count by _time evtype | streamstats window=1 current=f global=f first(count) as start by evtype | eval diff=(abs(start-count)/start)*100 | where diff>50
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Unfortunately I do not believe it solves my problem, as it compares adjacent number of events, while I need to compare frequencies. In physics terms, I need to measure drops of speed and not distance. That's why I used per_second().

Have I missed something in your solution?

What is wrong with my query? Can it be somehow salvaged?

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