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I need to display a table with 4 columns and date is like this:

Colum A       Col B      Col C        Col D
x             y          z            a
c                        c                       

Problem is when it only displays the Row1 results since data is present for all columns.
I need to write a search where it should pick all rows even though data is present even in 1 of the column.

How can we do that?

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Greetings @rashi83,

@nplamondon is right. In the meantime, try throwing this after your | table "Column A" "Col B" "Col C" "Col D"

| fillnull value="N/A" (or whatever you want the null values to be).

You're most likely doing a stats at some point which will get rid of all null values in the by clause. You need to set those to something before the stats.



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Can you give a better example of your data/search?

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