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How to display a table of sales orders, and another table below with details of the sales orders in the same dashboard?

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I have to show results like below in a dashboard.

For example:
1) first table shows all the sales orders, as of now system has two sales order
2) then I need to show below the sales order table, something like:

Details of sales order 1001
Details of Sales order 1002

Can someone please explain how can I show this?

Thank you In advance

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If you need two tables, please try to use two panels. One panel should give you all the sales orders with a query like:

index=yourIndex sourcetype=yourSourcetype | stats dc(salesOrderNameField) as "Total Sales Orders"

Then for the details of sales order, please check what all fields are available and then table them in a new panel with a query

index=yourIndex sourcetype=yourSourcetype |dedup salesOrderNameField|  table salesOrderNameField, salesOrderDateField, and so on
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if the details of the sales orders are on a separate table, you can do something like

base search for sales orders|append [search for details of sales orders]|sort salesOrderId


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