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How to customize the dashboard drill down query


I have a dashboard query which is like this.

index=elf |search * | chart count(eval(eventtype="3000")) AS AUDIT, count(eval(eventtype="6000")) AS USAGE,count(eval(eventtype="7000")) AS HEARTBEAT,count(eval(eventtype="10000")) AS ERROR by appid

This search gives events grouped by application ID and the different event_types that are stacked in a Column chart.

When i click on any event type, it is suppose to run a search which filters the data by Application ID and then filters the data by Event_type.

But I am getting only the below search "index=elf | search appid="ERD"" not as "index=elf | search appid="ERD" event_type=6000"

Please let me know how to customize the drilldown search

I am new to splunk. Appreciate your timely help.

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Re: How to customize the dashboard drill down query


FIrst, I would rewrite your search as

| eval CountType = case(eventtype="3000","AUDIT",
                        eventtype="6000", "USAGE"
                        eventtype="7000", "HEART_BEAT",
                        eventtype="10000", "ERROR",
                        1=1,"Unknown" )
| where CountType!=unknown
| chart count by app_id CountType

It just seems easier. Second, drilldown may not work because of the way you have structured the result table. For example, Splunk isn't going to be able to connect "USAGE" with eventtype="6000". I think this will be true regardless of whether you use the original search or the search I've shown above. And I can't see how to do this even with a custom drilldown.

You could do this:

index=elf (eventtype="3000" OR eventtype="6000" OR eventtype="7000" OR eventtype="10000")
| chart count by app_id eventtype

Now your drilldown should work, but your headings won't be as nice.

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