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How to create search for daily license usage report per host?

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Hi All,

I need to create a Splunk License usage report on a daily basis for all the reporting hosts. Can someone please help me with creating search?

Host           Source       Sourcetype     Index         count of events    License Used in MB
abc         pqr        xyz            main        16405           27
bcd         rrs        yza            wineventlog   123             20
cde         rsp        urv            cisco      2345              105
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This search can get you most of what you seek, except for number of events.

index=_internal source="*license_usage.log" sourcetype=splunkd 
| stats sum(b) as Bytes by h,s,st,idx 
| eval MB=round(Bytes/1024/1024,3)
| rename h as Host, s as Source, st as Sourcetype, idx as Index, MB as "License Used in MB"
| table Host, Source, Sourcetype, Index, "License Used in MB"
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Hey @nnimbe1,
I don't have an actual search to provide but rather an app that we use in our environment that is immensely helpful when it comes to license usage. We use Meta Woot! a free Splunk app to provide almost exactly the information you need.

It has a dashboard called Meta Woot! License Event Usage that details the host, sourcetype, index, total_events, license_per_event, and total_license usage.

I would recommend check this app out as it does an amazing job of providing the license usage tracking metrics you might need


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