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How to create a search to get number of events for HTTP status code?


Hi All,

I have the logs below and need to get an HTTP status code count. - app [21/May/2020:16:09:01 +0000] "GET /data/app1/2016-11-04/2582478/0CA087DB-8F72-4E5D-9F9C-F4E0C362601F.pdf.zip HTTP/1.1" 200 95098 - app [21/May/2020:16:09:01 +0000] "GET /data/app2/2016-11-04/2582478/0CA087DB-8F72-4E5D-9F9C-F4E0C362601F.pdf.zip HTTP/1.1" 401 95098 - app [21/May/2020:16:09:01 +0000] "GET /data/app3/2016-11-04/2582478/0CA087DB-8F72-4E5D-9F9C-F4E0C362601F.pdf.zip HTTP/1.1" 404 95098

Please help me create a Splunk search.


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Assuming you don't have fields extracted, try this for starters.

| rex "1\.1" (?<status>\d+)"
| stats count by status
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