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How to create a search that displays FieldC from Search2 if FieldA from Search1 matches FieldB from Search2?


Dear all,

I have a search like this:

host="x.x.x.x" login=a | table User,Start_time,Duration    <=main search

Now I want to show one more set of data in this table, but the info is in another log. May I know, is it possible if main search.fieldA matches secondary search.fieldB, then show secondary search.fieldC?


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Yes it is.

SearchA OR SearchB
| where fieldA =fieldB
| table fieldC

Example based on your main search

(sourcetype=typeA host="x.x.x.x" login=a) OR (sourcetype=typeB host="y.y.y.y")
| where fieldAFromSearchA = fieldBFromSearchB
| table fieldCFromSearchB

If your fieldC also exists in your first search then you might want to create an alias for it or apply some extra filtering to only display this field for that particular search.


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