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How to create a dashboard using graph from response time count of application logs?

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Hi Team,


I wanted to count response time for each hours from application logs, wanted to create dashboard using line graph

Please find below app logs

{"TIMESTAMP":"2022-09-29 T11:31:49.038 GMT'Z","MESSAGE":"response=","LOGGER":"com.fedex.cds.ws.PerfInterceptor","THREAD":"http-nio-8080-exec-2089","LOG_LEVEL":"DEBUG","DataCenter":"1","EndUserId":"APP943415","Stanza":"etnmsMasterSubRangeStanza","ResponseTime":"268","Operation":"queryByIndex","Domain":"etnms","EAI":"APP943415","TransactionId":"ecd29878-e4f9-48db-ab29-a7fa98ba6be7","EAI_NAME":"cds","EAI_NBR":"APP943415"}

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as this is a valid JSON you can try

<your base search>
| spath
| timechart span=1h sum(ResponseTime) as totalRT

then select from Visualisation line chart and save as a dashboard.

r. Ismo 

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