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How to create SQL query from log?

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I have two files Filed1 and Filed2, Fileld1 is procedure call and Files 2 is the arguments 

i want to make a proper procedure call out of it by replacing "?"  with actual vales from the arguments 

Filed1  exec procedureABC arg1 = ?, arg2 = ?, arg3 = ?

Filed2  arg1=EXEC, arg2=472.59, arg3=ABCI want to make a string like this  "exec proc1 arg1 = EXEC, arg2 = 472.59, arg3 = ABC"
How can i do this ?

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Assuming the fields are always in the format shown, you can extract the procedure from Field1 and append the contents of Field2 as the arguments.

| rex field=Field1 "(?<call>.*?) arg1"
| eval exec = call . " " . Field2
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thanks for the reply 

That didn't  help me , 

procedure call would be more complex and some times the argument list can have more element in it 
eg : exec procedureABC @arg1 = ?,  @arg2 = ?,  @arg3 = ?  in real scenario the procedure call parameter begin with '@' 

and the argument list wont have any '@' in it.  also argument list can have more than 10 elements so we need a lookup there 

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