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How to convert hex timestamp value to index in Splunk

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Hi ,

I have the below data to index into splunk

Can you advice how can i decode the hex timestamp below (5A8145B4.0000) so that below events can be indexed into splunk
via inputs.conf/props.conf

+5A8145B4.0000 Component: kbb
+5A8145B4.0000 Driver: tms_ctbs623fp5:d4009a/4402680.1

(5A8145B4.0004-1:kbbssge.c,52,"BSS1_GetEnv") KMS_NODEID="huhhjyxphtm01bvgfdx2"
(5A8145B4.0005-1:kbbssge.c,52,"BSS1_GetEnv") KMS_NODEID="jhgfklhtm01bnhbx2"

many thanks

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