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How to change timeline's span while not changing event's span


Hi guys,

I faced this problem when implemented "Export" functionality to my reports. Unfortunately, time there was only displayed as a non-readable timestamp, so I had to convert the _time value to a human-readable string.

It resulted in my X-axis to look like a complete mess

alt text

It seems that the _time change has also changed my span parameter, though it's actually empty. Anyway, the thing is that I now need span=2h for the search results (i.e. the actual line), but I don't need to see that many "time sockets" on the bottom.

What I'm looking for is something like the default timeline, like that:

alt text

Where report's line does not necessarily have a timeline slot allocated at each results set.

So I was wondering, if there is a module or a parameter that I can use in order to specify the span parameter particularly for the timeline, not for the whole search.

Alternatively, is there a way to format the _time value exported into the CSV, so that the online report will remain untouched?


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Try this:

yoursearchstuffhere |
eval timestamp = strftime(_time,"%x %X") |
exportstuffhere |
timechart span=1h fixedrange=f fieldtoChart

What this does is create a new field called timestamp that is human-readable. Export that, and don't jank with _time. (You can, but it makes a mess as you see.) I may not have the span option set the way you want on the timechart, but I think you can see the options. Once you get the timechart, choose Format Options to change it to a bar chart and it will look more like the timeline.

I hope I understood the question!

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Should make the module export the results, not the events. This might include the timestamp field. Not sure what other things can be set on the Export.

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The thing is that I'm using Export module in order to export my reports. It's not query-based.

I thought about the idea you suggest, but couldn't find any documented information on how to specify inputs for the Export module.

Thanks anyway!

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