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How to change the search based on a clicked table value?


Newbie here so please bear with me 🙂
I created a table using stats count with 3 columns.
alt text

What I also did is to dynamically change the search to search on what I clicked. Afterwards, I use timechart count to display the results based on the opposite, e.g. if I click on a 106531099, the time chart would be by "Bag verloren geraakt". The code:

index=wincc Type=2 Text1="Backbone"  State=3 |
rename Text5 as CI |  rename Text6 as Omschrijving |
search $columnName2$ = "$columnPicker2$" |
eval sortByTheOpposite = case("$columnName2$"=="Omschrijving",CI,"$columnName2$"=="CI", Omschrijving) |
timechart count by sortByTheOpposite useother=f limit=10

This works if I click on one of the first two columns. Now I want to dynamically change my search/time chart if I click on a value in the third column. This would require a string of type "search CI = "XX" AND Omschrijving = "YY" "
For this, I was planning to use click.name and row.Omschrijving and get the XX and YY values, however I cannot incorporate in the case the brackets. Any ideas of a work around? Thank you very much in advance!

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Re: How to change the search based on a clicked table value?


For those interested, we fixed it this way:

    <condition field="CI">
    <set token="columnName1">$click.name2$</set>
    <set token="valueName1">$click.value2$</set>

Then you create a panel depending on a certain token:

<panel depends="valueName1">

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