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How to change the data in a table after clicking on bar graphs?



I would like to ask, how to do this in Splunk:
If you have a chart (bar graphs) and a table with data.
If I click in bar graph, the table only displays the records related to the data displays in the bar graph. Is it possible in Splunk?
BTW, I am using HTML form. Thank you!

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@danielcmarcosjr, would it be possible for you to add some data field and search query examples?

There are multiple ways this could be done, for example code the chart drilldown event and set the chart clicked values as token, to be used by the table. You would have to do this in XML and convert to HTML for convenience.

Please refer to the Splunk 6.x Dashboard Examples app from Splunkbase for all Drilldown Elements examples.

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What you need is the in-page drilldown. See the example of "set" in below link.


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