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How to build a query which would take input CSV file and search for logs?

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I am importing signin logs from azure and I want to built a query which should take input from a csv file (appid)

and search logs and display output for number of success and failures of signins per app

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@shahidkhan545 You need to explain the problem.  For starters, some sample data (anonymized) would help.  How do 'success' and 'failure' and 'appid' appear in the logs/events?  Are they in fields that are already extracted?  Suppose your event already comes with a field 'status' which can be 'success' or 'failure', and a field 'appid', you can count by something like

source = mysource
| stats count by appid status

 Why do you need a CSV file? (In other words, what is the structure and sample data in your CSV?)

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