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How to assign multiple values to the same checkbox


Hey Splunkers,

Currently, I have 3 checkboxes to filter data for the panel.

eg: My checkbox names are : Critical, Major and Minor

CriticalSev 1
MajorSev 2
MinorSev 3

Based on the severity, the panel searches for all the respective tickets.

I want to add 2 values in the checkbox, is there a way i can add two values to one checkbox?

CriticalSev 1 
MajorSev 2Sev 3
MinorSev 4Sev 5


Or an alternative way to implement this please?

Thanks in advance.

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Are you looking for something similar to

  <label>Check Boxes</label>
  <fieldset submitButton="false">
    <input type="checkbox" token="critical">
      <choice value="Sev 1">Sev 1</choice>
    <input type="checkbox" token="Major">
      <choice value="Sev2">Sev2</choice>
      <choice value="Sev3">Sev3</choice>
      <delimiter> OR </delimiter>
    <input type="checkbox" token="minor">
      <choice value="Sev4">Sev4</choice>
      <choice value="Sev5">Sev5</choice>
      <delimiter> OR </delimiter>

you need to adjust the delimiter and prefix & suffix part according to your requirement in search.

Otherwise, please share your dashboard snippet and state what you are trying to achieve.


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