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How to animate data over time?


The word "animate" doesn't show up at all across all of answers.splunk.com so I assume the short answer is "no".

But can anyone think of a relatively easy way to generate an animation of a chart over time?

Basically, I want to do something to the effect of:

<somequery> { across start=-72h@h to end=@h in buckets of 1h } | timechart span=5m avg(someval) by something | animate

I suspect I'll need to do this in Python. So in anticipation of the answer: can I extract a visualization from a python query as a PNG?


Hey @mbintz,

Are you able to get the animation work ?

I'm searching for something similar too

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There are no prebuilt animated charts. But you can extend Splunk to take advantage of 3rd party visualisation libraries like http://www.chartjs.org/ or https://d3js.org/

There's a developer turtoial here: http://dev.splunk.com/view/SP-CAAAEQ8 and plenty of questions in Splunk Answers (try searching for "Custom Viz")

There's a bit of html but the tutorial is pretty good at walking you through it.

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