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How to See Pervious Screen with all Graphs Loaded without searching again

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I have Screen A. Screen A has 2 Graphs.Data for Screen A is very High hence it takes a lot of time to Load graphs on Screen A. When I click on Graphs of Screen A, it navigates to Screen B and Screen C.
Now I want to go back to Screen A from Screen B and Screen C, without re-loading graphs on Screen A as it takes a lot of time.
Can I see Screen A with graphs loaded without searching again, when I come back to it from other Screens.
Please Help me!

Thanks in Advance!

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...or you could use some browser tabs and RightClick>OpenLinkInNewTab. That way you could close new tabs with screen B and C and still have the data from screen A preserved.

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To my knowledge, I don't think that this is possible. However, if Screen A takes a long time to load, you can reduce this loading time by turning the search for this screen into a scheduled saved search

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