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How does a Splunk server decide which IP to use when it connects to a master node?

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We have two IPs for a single indexer host.

We are using this command to add a peer to the indexer cluster:

/opt/splunk/bin/splunk edit cluster-config -mode slave -master_uri https://<deployment server>:8089 -replication_port 8080 -secret <REDACTED>

How does the indexer(slave node) decide which IP to use? Is there a configuration we can use to determine which IP Splunk uses to connect to the master node?

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you can either control this yourself or let the OS decide. Refer to the splunk-launch.conf:

Specifies an interface that splunkd and splunkweb should bind to, as
opposed to binding to the default for the local operating system.
If unset, Splunk makes no specific request to the operating system when
binding to ports/opening a listening socket. This means it effectively
binds to '*'; i.e. an unspecified bind. The exact result of this is
controlled by operating system behavior and configuration.


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