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How do I run my search to find missing events on 80 Windows Domain Controllers running Splunk 6.1.4?

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We have Splunk running on all of our Windows Domain Controller servers (80 of them), but we seem to be missing events:

To try and find the missing events I run the below search:

host=server1* source="WinEventLog:Security" | sort 10000000 RecordNumber |delta RecordNumber as ID_diff |search ID_diff>1 |table _time RecordNumber ID_diff

While this search works, it must run per server and with 80 servers to run on, this can take a long time to do.

Is there a way to run this search on all of my servers at once and not have it interfere with other results?

We are running Splunk 6.1.4

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Did you know you can acclerate reports? That might be an easy fix for your problem. But you should also consider the time your search covers. If it's a long span, then you might want to have a look at summary indexing.

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