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How do I extract the string which contains time from my data, convert it to milliseconds, and display in a chart?

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I have data like below which contains time taken for service call in regular string format.

Sample Data :

Time Taken[0.122381]
Time Taken[0.122381]
Time Taken[0.122381]

How can i extract

  1. String in between [ ]
  2. Convert this to Milliseconds
  3. Present it in a chart

Thanks in advance

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you can try this assuming this data is in seconds.

your query to return events
| rex "(?<pre>[^\[]+)\[(?<number>[^\]]+)\]"
| eval millis=tonumber(number)*1000
| timechart avg(millis)

Use avg(millis), max(millis) or min(millis) depending on what you want to chart. If you just want to tabulate it use |table millis

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Or even all of the above:

... | timechart max(millis), avg(millis), min(millis)

Then your visualization should have all three.

And if you'd like to rename them use AS:

... | timechart max(millis) AS Max, avg(millis) AS Average, min(millis) AS Min

Happy Splunking!

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