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How do I display text in a dashboard panel based on the event coverage percentage in its corresponding pivot?

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I want to display text in the middle of the panel that is based on the value of a status code or its percentage.

I've seen


but I'm not sure what token I would use in my case.

I currently use eval and fields commands in my search, similar to


When I do it this way my new dashboard panel is based off a direct search. I also need the % after the number, so currently I've stuck the % as a unit to display.

However, I'd like to use the event coverage percentage. My current dashboard panel is based off a pivot. When I open this in a search, under events, I can click the status code field on the left and it displays the value, count, and %. How do I display this percentage in my panel per each value? How do I display the percentage based on 100% or the value (200 status code)?

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