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How do I display a blank map using geostats?


When I run a search to be displayed on a map using geostats that does not include any returned data, the map doesn't display. Instead it just indicates "Search was cancelled". I would like it to display a blank map instead. Is this possible?

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Another option is there....
append an empty row to the end just with latitude and longitude value alone (before calling geostats)

to know how to append empty row please see the below link

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Hi paramagurukarthikeyan !<

are u using postprocess search in your Map Dashboard?

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No I am using a custom search command and all our geo information are updated through that command( Based on IP address)
So when no geo information is available I pass dummy value for map fields.

Similarly when there are no results before geostats, pass an empty record (Event) with 0.0000 lat and 0.000 lon and all other values as "-"

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How you are forming the latitude and longitude for your map?
If you are using any separate program to return longitude and latitude using your Client IP any other values means ... return an empty record (Event) with 0.0000 lat and 0.000 lon and all other values as "-"

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I don't believe so, at least, I haven't seen a way to do it. Latest version has updated the text to be "No Results yet found," until it finishes the search and then displays "No Results found."

Would be much better to have a blank map with notice overlaid with the "No Results found."

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