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How do I create an alarm if a value stored in a CSV changes?

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Hi, I have a CSV file with the following structure:

NAME             DiskSerial                 ProcSerial                  MachineSerial
PC-ID-0007  null                                 BFEBFBFF000306F2             MJ044SGB
PC-ID-0088  WD-WX11DC7JHUV0                   BFEBFBFF000306F2             MJ044SH9
PC-ID-5177  NA8GAPCF                              BFEBFBFF000306F2              58Y0KB2

I need to create a search to identify if any of the series that have been stored change.

taking into account the last event that enters the indexer.

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you have to have one common or 'key' field, for example can NAME field be treated as a key field?
So, say for PC-ID-007 if another entry is logged AND any of the remaining 3 fields have a different value, you need to identify that?

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