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How do I concatenate two fields into a string?


I have two fields, application and servletName. I'd like to have them as column names in a chart. I'm currently trying to use eval to make a new variable named fullName, and concatenate the values for application and servletName with a dash(-) in the middle. How do I do this?

Thanks, Brett

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This is a question that has many hits. I just wanted to point out that there is another possibility

<basesearch> | strcat field1 " some text: " field2 " more text: " field3 newField

This will concatenate fields and text to the new field 'newField'

strcat has the advantage that it will still create the new field if one of the fields that are concatenated are empty/missing


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You can concatenate two fields using eval

ex: eval Full_Name= 'First Name'. " " .'Last Name'

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Excellent! This is what I needed to concatenate a tag to another string. Eval is not working for this, but this is :

| strcat host "(" tag::host ")" label
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You can use the eval search command for this.

Concatenate fieldA, a dash, and fieldB into newField:

| eval newField= fieldA."-".fieldB

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Amazing, this is exactly what I've been looking for, ty!

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Well...a typo did it.

eval fullName=applicationName. "-" .servletName

Turns out that not putting the right name of a field causes the entire operation to return nada.

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