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How can I perform a lookup of a value against Threat Intelligence datamodel to see if it is present or not?

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I am using the Threat Intelligence datamodel in my Splunk ES environment. It is being populated with a Threat Intel Feed source. I would now like to check if certain values from my searches exist in the data model, so i can enrich correlation searches etc. I basically want to my searches to lookup the data model and output if the value exists or not, along with the matched value.

For example,  i have a field named url  which will be returned from the following search:

index="cisco_fmc" rec_type_desc="File Malware Event" eventtype=cisco_fmc_malware disposition=Malware

I now want to add SPL to the above so it looks up the value of url  against the Threat Intel datamodel. The datamodel contains the standard two fields - threat_match_field which can be url, and threat_match_value which is the associated value. If present, I would like to add a new field to the output named match which should be set to "Yes" if present and "No" if not. Would also like to output the threat_match_value  itself to the output.


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