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How can I get external JavaScript framework app to wait until the search has completed before executing additional code?


I need my app to wait until the search has completed before it executes additional code. I'm using the following method to see when my search has completed......but I can't figure out how stop additional code from running until this on method is complete.

myResults = [];

search1.on("search:done", function(properties) {
    myResults = search1.data("results", {count: 0});

After this, I want to iterate through the myResults.data().rows and run additional code.

Please help!

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In html dashboard we do like this

            search1.on('search:done', function(properties) {
              var resultCount=properties.content.resultCount;           
                //Insert only if no record exists for same 
                if(resultCount < 1) { 

                //If record already exists, update it. But get a confirmation from user
                else {
                    var question='Record already exists Do you want to update?';
                    if (confirm(question)) {

it might help!