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How can I extract this pattern from my raw data using rex command? \"ProductAccountNumber\":\"5342534253425342\"

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Can someone able to help me please.

I'm very new to using Splunk and most certainly to the rex command and regular expressions, so please bear with.

I'm trying to extract an ProductAccountNumber field from my raw data which is in the following format
{ \"ProductAccountNumber\":\"5342534253425342\" }

Could someone possibly tell me please how I may strip the actual ProductAccountNumber out of this line.

Many thanks and kind regards


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@tanvi1g, while the following Regular Expression worked on https://regex101.com


I had to introduce some extra escape characters in Splunk. Following is a run anywhere search based on your data:

| makeresults
| eval _raw ="{ \\\"ProductAccountNumber\\\":\\\"5342534253425342\\\" }"
| rex "\\\"ProductAccountNumber\\\\\"\:\\\\\"(?<ProductAccountNumber>\d+)\\\\\""

Please try out this rex and confirm.

| makeresults | eval message= "Happy Splunking!!!"
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Please check this -
| makeresults
| eval _raw="{ \"ProductAccountNumber\":\"5342534253425342\" }"
| rex field=_raw "ProductAccountNumber\\\"\:\\\"(?P<ProdAccNo>\d+)" | table _raw ProdAccNo

alt text

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