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How can I display _time in my results using stats command?

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How can I display _time in my results using stats command
I get this field when I use "table _time"

Just like the image above, I want to get the time field using stats and/or eval command
The image below is how my time events look like. 



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Splunk Employee

Hey @EvansB,

You can simply use the below query to get the time field displayed in the stats table

| stats values(time) as time by _time 

Here, I  have kept _time and time as two different fields as the image displays time as a separate field. If both time and _time are the same fields, then it should not be a problem using either. But if they are different fields, and you want to use _time, then you can replace _time with time in the values function.

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Hi @EvansB,

let me understand: do you want to use _time for grouping events or as a field to display?

in the first case you could use the hint of @tshah-splunk , but is useful to add a bin command before the stats to group results, otherwise you'll have too many results:

| bin _time span=1d
| stats values(*) as * by _time 

if instead you need to display _time as a field, you can put it in the stats options, using some function:

  • values(to have all the distinct values of _time,
  • earliest to have the first value,
  • latest to have the latest value.

In both situations, you have also, at the end, to convert _time from epochtime to human readable format using strftime.



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