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How can I add a static value into a table row?


I would like to create a dashboard to have some charts for showing statistics of occurrence. The query for plotting the chart is as follows.

| chart count(range) as "Count" by range

But, I would like to include the device with the range = 0. i.e. Which cannot be logged with Splunk but I have the static value that is calculated by Total - Count(range>0), how can I insert this value into the table so that it can be plotted on the chart?

I know that the scenario is little bit hard to understand, to put it briefly , I would like to add a static value as one of the data into the existing table. Is it possible to do that?

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hi @kcchu01

if you want row use append or appendpipe

or fi you want add column use appendcols



Thanks a lot for your help , I get it now

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You could probably use the append SPL command just prior to the chart command


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