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Group events based on content of field?


I have the following table of activities:

Internal External Direction Outbound Inbound Inbound Outbound


I want to group them by either Internal OR External, based on what is in the Direction field, if its Outbound I want to group by Internal , if its Inbound I want to group by External, and get the count.
I would like to get the following table as a result:

Internal External Count Grouped by Direction
2 Outbound 2 Inbound


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So effectively you want to group by src_ip

...your existing query...
| eval src_ip = if(Direction="Outbound",Internal,External)
| stats values(Internal) as Internal values(External) as External count values(Direction) as Direction by src_ip


Try something like this

| eventstats values(Internal) as internals by External
| eventstats values(External) as externals by Internal
| eval groupby=if(Direction="Outbound",Internal,External)
| stats values(internals) as internals values(externals) as externals values(Direction) as Direction by groupby
| eval count=max(mvcount(internals), mvcount(externals))
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