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Graphs for field values

Hi everyone I have extracted a field and I need to chartit with respect to time.

i am using sourcetype="hostname" | chart first(VOLumeBytes) by _time | makecontinuous VOLumeBytes span=10

But i am getting the graph with respect to count not the value of the field. I mean the no of field values present at that second. Please let me know how can i chart the field value with respect to time not the field count..

Also is tehre any way i can divide the value in field2 by 1024*1024 and teh chart it.


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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Have you tried using timechart? That is specifically created for charting over time.

Something like " | timechart first(VOLumeBytes)"

Also to perform numerical calculations on a field, you can use "eval".

eg: " | eval field2-1=field2/(1024*1024) | search field2-1 "

Thank you very much I got it..

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Also, as you're saying you're getting a graph of count rather than the values...are you referring to the graph shown in the default search view? Because that graph will always show count of events by time. You'll want to use the Report builder to create your own visual charts.

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