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How to create graphs for two different values of same field?

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Hello, i have a splunk query like this 

index=someindex container_name=app ( cookie=*cookie1" OR cookie="cookie2" ) event=Someevent  | timechart span=1m perc50(latency)

This above query will create one line chart. how can we create two charts one for cookie=cookie1 and the other for cookie=cookie2 in same panel ?

Thanks in advance

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That's a simple split by clause with a bit of handling for the wildcard case cookie1


index=someindex container_name=app ( cookie=*cookie1" OR cookie="cookie2" ) event=Someevent
| rex field=cookie "(?<cookieType>cookie\d)"
| timechart span=1m perc50(latency) by cookieType


The rex statement is looking for the 'cookieX' where X is a digit and creating a new field called cookieType containing either cookie1 or cookie2 and then the by clause will split the result into the two lines on the chart.

If you actually want two charts in the same panel, then select the 'trellis' mode and choose the aggregation, which will give you two separate charts in a panel, with the cookieType on each chart. If you just want two lines in the same chart, ignore the trellis mode

Hope this helps


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