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Facing trouble in validation of conditions using if statement

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index=abcd source=xyz
| eval s= case(S > 0 AND S <= 2, "V", S > 0 AND S <= 3, "O", S > 3 AND S <= 4, "D", S > 4 AND S <=5,"E")
| chart count over field by s

I'm trying to evaluate a field with the above given conditions. First condition limit is (0-2) and the second condition limit is (0-3).
The issue i'm facing is, as the first condition is satisfied it is not checking the second condition. But i need both the conditions to be Validated.

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As mentioned by others, that's how the case function is supposed to work. What would you expect "s" to evaluate to when "S" equals 1 or 2?

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@1132307 so what do you mean by both conditions to be validated? If both conditions are true which one should be picked? As @richgalloway has mentioned Splunk will pick first condition which evaluates to true. If you always want to pick the second condition then swap your conditions.

| makeresults | eval message= "Happy Splunking!!!"
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Is there any other command for this issue? So that it can validate both conditions to get the result.

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That's how case works in Splunk. Conditions are evaluated in order. Evaluation stops once a condition is met.

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