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Does zooming out on timeline re-execute search?


I was watching the Splunk Fundamentals 1 videos and they state that when zooming in on the timeline the same search is being used but when zooming out a new search is being executed. However, I've found this entry in the Splunk Fundamentals 1 PDF.

Does zooming out on the timeline re-execute a new search?
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HI @kamryn,

No, zooming in and zooming out will not re-execute splunk search. (I'm using Splunk 7.2)

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Splunk Employee

Zooming OUT should re-execute the search since you are now including new content (when zooming OUT you are including more time than the original search). Whether or not re-execution happens during zoom IN is a different matter (and doesn't appear to be your question).

UPDATE: If we look at the Jobs page (Activity > Jobs), we can see that zooming in and out all create new jobs that run. Doesn't that answer our question? In my case I can see jobs running for both zoom in and out.

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