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Does the header sequence in a csv file for lookuptable matter?


Is there a rule for sequence of the header field in csv lookuptables?

Lets say i have a csv header

101,Switching Protocols,Informational

In this example the status is a splunk event field, but are you restricted to this sequence?
lets say as below :

Informational,101,Switching Protocols
Tags (2)
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No, the order of the fields does not matter.
It's just important that the columns are consistent with the header.


Do the events that match "searchstring" correspond to the sourcetype you have configured for the autolookup, and do those events already have one of the fields listed in the header? That's what it needs to fill out the rest of the field/values.

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When configurating this in props.conf, transforms.conf (autolookup, on all fields)
Must you expect a return on all relevant events / lookup fields ( for this example) as :


no results for status_description

But got results when defining detailed results like

sourcetype=blabla status=100

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