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Distribution function using bin

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I am trying to create a PDF and CDF with limited amount of buckets:

... | bucket bins=10 fs as fsBinned
| stats count(fs) as pdf by fsBinned
| sort fsBinned
| accum pdf as cdf
| eventstats max(cdf) as totalMax
| eval fsPDF = 10*pdf/totalMax
| eval fsCDF = cdf/totalMax
| table fsBinned, fsPDF, fsCDF

However, the fsBinned variable does not chage if I decrease the number of bins. The table shows that the resulting buckets are mixed together with the input fs variable, like this:

0, 0-100, 14, 15...

Is this a normal behavior or is this a bug? I am using Splunk 7.2.10

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