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I'm getting an error on my Search Head when browsing for content related to some LOOKUP directives I have in my apps.

The LOOKUP directives were copied from one of the search peers were they are working.

Currently my problems are: - I'm getting an error stating that this lookup does not exist on one of the search peers (true, because that search peer does not required them) - the LOOKUP directives are not working on the search head.

Any ideas on how this can be solved?

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Splunk should automatically move lookup related files to the search peers from the search head. Is this a script-based lookup? If so, there are some intricacies in getting these to work in distributed, since they may land in a different-than-expected directory.

Could you share your configuration and the general mechanism of operation for your lookup?

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What are the intricacies for a script based lookup in a distributed environment? For example, dnslookup.

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