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I am trying to determine the days between a static date and current date

in this query I added a the 2008r2 column with a static date - table Division Name OS _time | eval 2008r2="1/14/2020"|

I was unable to use a previous eval statement on this, I assume I dont have that column formatted properly
eval Days=round((2008r2(now(),"@d")-relative_time(2008r2,"@d"))/86400,0)

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Use like this

...table Division Name OS _time | eval 2008r2="1/14/2020"| eval Days=round((relative_time(now(),"@d")-relative_time(strptime('2008r2',"%m/%d/%Y"),"@d"))/86400,0) 

Basically, you need to convert your string date to epoch format so that you can do mathematical operation with current time now() which is in epoch. (the relative_time function also only accepts epoch value).

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We need to see sample event data and your full search.

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