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Data Model: TStats time-functions get latest NOT NULL

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I'm having trouble retrieving my fields from an accelerated data model.
The main problem is that most of the fields are optional...
lets say the corresponding sourcetype looks like this:

  • asset_type (required)
  • asset_id (required)
  • sensor_01 (optional)
  • sensor_02 (optional)

then two events could look like this:

assettype / assetid / sensor01 / sensor02
"123" / "007" / "12.75" / ""
"123" / "007" / "" / "1265.99"

Now, when i search via the tstats command like this:

| tstats summariesonly=t
| rename dm_main.* AS *

I only get either a value for sensor01 OR sensor02, since the latest value for the other is a blank...
I tried reaching around that by using list(), but its not available for tstats.
Then I tried using values(), which gives me the values I need, but in alphabetically order. But I need to know the lastest.

Is there a way with tstats to search for LATEST NOT NULL?

additional info:

the fields in Question are not native to the sourcetype, they are calculated fields:

EVAL-sensor_01 = if(valueName="raw_sensor_01", value, "")
EVAL-sensor_02 = if(valueName="raw_sensor_02", value, "")
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Okay, It seems like I need to change:
EVAL-sensor01 = if(valueName="rawsensor_01", value, "")

EVAL-sensor01 = if(valueName="rawsensor_01", value, NULL)

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You are on the correct path, you should avoid using empty sets in any fields unless some very specific use cases. Your evals should be this EVAL-sensor_01 = if(valueName="raw_sensor_01", value, null()) The null() command makes it a null value instead of an empty set.

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