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DB Lookup using SQL Server

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I have a simple search containing clientid that relates back to an ID in one of my SQL Server tables. The search is:

sourcetype="twitter.newIndex.stats" | chart count by clientId | sort -count by clientId

In my SQL Server Clients table I have a field called provId that is the same as ClientId in my Splunk search. I would like to display the Clients desciption(clientProj) based on this relationship. I've created the connection to the database and I have used DB Connect to create a query that displays all the project descriptions based on the same client ID. The actual query is:

SELECT provId, clientProj FROM dbo.Clients

What is the easiest way to use this query as a lookup within my Splunk Search? My clients will grow over time, so the table is not static.

Thanks for your help.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Check out the docs for creating a lookup with db connect. Make sure you index your lookup database table first. Also, it is probably best to avoid the dblookup command, at least in production.

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