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Creating a chart based on time values, not epoch time

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Is it possible to create a chart using time values "4:53:43" vs. converting them to epoch time "1505930393"?

I'd like the Y-Axis to be time (3:41:32) - (6:43:21) and the X-Axis to be a name.

Basically these are race results and I'd like the chart to show the times of each participant. Do I have to convert the time value to a real number?


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Hey @Ioatswil, if DalJeanis solved your problem, please don't forget to accept an answer! You can upvote posts as well. (Karma points will be awarded for either action.) Happy Splunking!

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Currently the vertical axes don't work that way on any of the viz that I'm aware of.

Two possible workarounds:

First, as you said, but divide the epoch duration by 3600 to get hours duration.

Second, flip the axes, where names are along the left, and race duration is the length of the horizontal bar. Change the mouseover to display the HH:MM:SS value.

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Can you share some sample query over here as I'm working similar kind of requirement. Please someone help on this.

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