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Trying to write a simple query in Splunk 7.0. The idea is that it would count all the unique ip addresses based on a specific location. So my query would look like this:

splunk index="some index" sourcetype="some sourcetype" earliest=-24h
stats count(ip) by location

After 100 rows, and (by my eyes) at least 12 unique addresses... it counts 5. So instead of:

  • location a ... 6
  • location b ... 10
  • location c ... 5

I get

  • location x ... 5

What gives?

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index="some index" sourcetype="some sourcetype" earliest=-24h
|stats count(ip) as ip_count dc(ip) as unique_ip_count by location

hi, @TitanAE
please provide your output details.

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Okay... apparently verbose search really is slowing down my search.

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