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I woudl like to know, per CountryId, what fraction of FooId equal to BarId

In the follwoing log:

MyEvent CountryId=1 FooId=63407020 BarId=82955997
MyEvent CountryId=1 FooId=63407020 BarId=63407020
MyEvent CountryId=2 FooId=65407020 BarId=207020

So the desired output would be:

CountryId=1 1/2
CountryId=2 0

In pseudo-Splunk Search this would look something along the lines of:
((count(MyEvent) | where FooId != BarId) / count(MyEvent)) by CountryId

But how would I write this query in actual Splunk syntax?

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Re: Count Fraction of Distinct events


Try like this

your base search giving fields CountryId FooId BarId | eval FooBarEqual=if(FooId=BarId,1,0)
| stats count as total sum(FooBarEqual) as FooBarEqual by CountryId | eval FoolBarEqual=FooBarEqual/total

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