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Compare main search field contain value of another field value stored in lookup table

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I would like to compare(not exact match) urls in my proxy log with url stored in lookup table

Eg for URL in proxy log



Eg for URL's in loookup file



L3:  www.notaurl.com/8484/ucd/94843984.php 

Tried to use inputlookup in subsearch and join , however it fails to match , as in either case (subsearch or join) splunk does an exact match

sample subsearch query

|tstats count from datamodel=Web where Web.user!="-" by Web.user Web.url _time
| search [|inputlookup url_lookup | search type="URL" | fields ref_url | rename ref_url as Web.Url]
|table Web.user Web.url _time count

i want help where in P1 should match L1

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The first step is to create lookup definitions which have WILDCARD(URL) set.  Then append a "*" to the URLs.  That should resolve the matching problem.

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