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Circular dependency Issue in Data Model


Error: Error in 'SearchProcessor': Found circular dependency when expanding from.Network_Traffic.All_Traffic

Background: core is an index containing {ipAddress, score}.

When creating a data model with the following query:
`| union
[| from datamodel:"Network_Traffic.All_Traffic" | join type=left src_ip [search source=core | rename ipAddress AS src_ip] | rename src_ip as ip | stats latest(score) by ip | where score!="" and score!="null"]

[| from datamodel:"Network_Traffic.All_Traffic" | join type=left dest_ip [search source=core | rename ipAddress AS dest_ip] | rename dest_ip as ip | stats latest(score) by ip | where score!="" and score!="null"]`

I'm trying to lookup all ipAddress from the NetworkTraffic datamodel and map it with score from the core index.

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