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Can't connect to SQLite database


I'm using the DB Connect V1 app in Splunk 6.2 on an Ubuntu Linux server. I have a local sqlite database. I can use the sqlite3 command to connect to it successfully.

I've created a database connection that looks like:


database = /opt/vFeed/vfeed.db
host = localhost

isolation_level = DATABASE_SETTING

type = sqlite

disabled = 0
username = root

When I try and browse the schema, I get the following error:

The internal search "| dbinfo database="vFeed" type=schemas | sort -default | eval label=if(isnull(default),schema,schema+" (default)")" for the "Splunk.Module.SearchSelectLister" module failed.

I'm not seeing any error messages.

What am I doing wrong here?



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The database file is vfeed.db. Renaming it vfeed.sqlite and placing it in the /opt/splunk/var/dbx folder solved the problem.

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