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Calculate a % based on two Windows Perfmon Counters


I am trying to calculate the percentage usage of disk from an application based on it's perfmon counters. Unfortunately it doesn't give me this value as a counter. I have "Data File Size" and "Data File Space Used". But as a newbie, how to do take the Value fields into something I can use?


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I can't tell from the counter names what the difference is between them, so my formula may be off, but I got something like the following to work:

index=perfmon counter="Data File Size" | stats avg(Value) as Avg1 by host | join host [search index=perfmon counter="Data File Space Used" | stats avg(Value) as Avg2 by host] | eval Ratio=Avg1/Avg2 | fields host,Ratio

I feel like there should be a solution that doesn't run a join, but if your data isn't too extensive this might work. Let me know if that helps.


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