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Automatic lookup field not displayed


I created the below automatic lookup through Splunk 6 web.

app_info host AS host gate AS gate OUTPUTNEW app AS app 

If I use this lookup in a search it works as expected. However, when simply searching the source the output field is not displayed.

Am I missing something?

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I've found that the automatic lookups don't work with apps that they are not created under. Either 1 you will need to move the config settings to system, or 2 create the same lookup again for each app(and upload multiple csv files)

Here is some info on setting it up to be in system instead of a specific app:


Agreed, I just created my entire lookup (table, definition, and automatic lookup) in the app I want it in and it isn't showing the automatic lookup. Did you ever find an answer for this?

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Thanks. I've done this but it still doesn't seem that it is working. I guess I need to look into this more and do some more testing.

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