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Are there field extractions available for IPlanet web access logs?

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Here's the fields followed by a description:

Hostname or IP address of client

arrow.a.com. (In this case, the hostname is shown because the web server's setting for DNS lookups is enabled; if DNS lookups were disabled, the client's IP address would appear.

RFC 931 information

  • (RFC 931 identity not implemented)


john (username entered by the client for authentication)

Date/time of request

29/Mar/1999:4:36:53 -0800


GET /help



Status code


Bytes transferred


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Hello! I have more than five implementations of iplanet log files format string. Because a format of any web access log depends on the administrator who manages server.
Give me a few rows of your own log file and I'll give you exact string of field extraction

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@kvaga i have a similar issue, how can i provide you with a sanitized sample so i dont repeat work already completed on this tech

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Splunk Employee

Try these in props.conf


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Splunk Employee

BTW, the other field is probably not needed. It's there in case you have some integer at the end of the event that is unaccounted for.

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